Buying items is your key to winning in Vainglory, and the shop is filled with tools to increase your damage output, decrease damage taken, grant special abilities, and even save your teammates from the brink of death.

Introducing: The Shop

You can spend your hard-earned gold at any one of three locations. There is one location at either spawn, and a third opening at 4 minutes at the bottom middle of the jungle, replacing the Elder Treant. All three shops sell the same things save for the jungle shop, which does not sell potions.

There are 70 unique items across 5 item categories in a normal game of Vainglory. This includes Brawl and Classic modes, however there is an additional item only available in Practice mode: Level Juice. The 5 categories are as follows: Weapon, which enhances damage through basic attacks and abilities that have Weapon Power scaling; Crystal, which enhances damage dealt by abilities and empowering some hero's basic attacks; Defense, which increases resistances to Crystal or Weapon damage, raises health, and contains support items; Utility, which contains mobility items such as boots and a wider spread of support items; and lastly, Other, the category including items which do not fit neatly into the others.

Weapon Items

Weapon items fit neatly on characters who rely on basic attacks to get their job done.