Jungle Minions


The Halcyon Fold has a lane and a jungle. Inside the jungle there is a lot of brush to hide in, as well a shop, and minions, along with objective minions.

In the jungle, there is a total of 12 Jungle Minions, 6 on each side. There are 3 Different kind Jungle Minions:

1) Treants: Large, hard hitting jungle mobs who grant a healing projectile to those who slay them. Attempts to root the attacker in place. There is one nearest your base and one in a clearing between the Miner and the tribush.

2) Large Minions: Typically called the "backs", they grants a large amount of gold and experience. Sought out when invading.

3) Small Minions: Also known as the "fronts", and the source of many jungle fights. Grant little gold and experience, but add up over the course of a game.