Skins change a character's appearance. Skins are obtained by completing all required Cards or by direct purchase with ICE or for some, Opals. These also may change effects when using an ability.

Skin Rarities

Skin rarities determine how hard it is to get the skin. There are four rarities for skins; Rare, Epic, Legendary, LE, and SE.

Rare skins are the most common skins, due to how easy they are to obtain.

Epic skins are next in line to the Rare skins, being the second most common.

Legendary skins are the last rarity for skin lines. They are one of the least common, as the two previous rarities must be obtained first. (Unless purchased directly with ICE)

Limited Edition (or LE) skins are arguably the least common skins, as they were obtainable for a limited time only. (Usually through completing required cards given through an event on purchasing directly with ICE)

Special/Seasonal Edition skins are usually variations of LE skins which can be bought using Opals. Unlike LE skins, they are here to stay.

Card Rarities

Card rarities determine their value in Essence. The post-match Spoils of War screen occasionally awards cards, common cards being the most frequent drop and Legendary cards being extremely rare.

Common cards, true to their name, are the most common cards to be obtained, They are not for any specific skin lines and apply to multiple skins. These are required for skin lines (Multiple skins with the same theme, although there are exceptions)

Rare cards are the second most common card rarity. These are required for Rare skins. (For skin lines, these are required for the higher rarity skins)

Epic cards are the second highest card rarity. These are required for Epic skins (For skin lines, these are required for the higher rarity skins)

Legendary cards are the highest card rarity. These are required for Legendary skins.